My Honest Review Of Jason Caluori & Barry Plaskow's New Course On Using GroovePages To Make Money


Nowadays, getting a website's contents to rank well on search engines results page (like Google) is a common challenge among website developers. Website developers also experience the challenge of creating harmony or balance between making the website Seo-friendly and user-friendly. As a result, irrespective of the quality of the contents available on your website, it still wouldn't matter if your targeted audience can not be reached.

However, I bring to you glad tidings; the SAS affiliate program - a product that serves all your search engine optimization needs. This product was designed by Jason Calouri & Barry Plaskow with the sole aim of aiding web developers and to create websites that will rank well on search engine results pages and thus attracting more traffic.

This program works with GroovePages - a tool that enables web developers to create websites that will load with significant speed to rank on Google's search engine. This ranking is promoted by SAS Ninja SEO, a unique SEO maneuver. With this tool, you will be saving yourself from the troubles of implementing plugins such as WordPress and Cpanel on your site, and at the same time, save yourself from unnecessary spending.

Key Features

  • Templates for websites: SAS Affiliate Program is fitted with the presence of high converting templates for websites. These templates are required to further boost the chance of one having his/her website ranking reasonably on the search engine without much hassle.


  • Training on Affiliate Marketing and SEO: Based on the GrooveFunnel's platform, this product comes with a combined direct training on Seo and Affiliate marketing. This way, users now have the ultimate privilege to learn two important skills at the same time without any extra charges.

  • Complete Access to Google Ranking: Another very important feature of the SAS affiliate program is that it allows its users to see their website's ranking progress. Users' Google ranking progress can easily be viewed with this program, for free, without any cost implication.

  • Convertible GroovePage templates: GroovePage templates can easily be converted with just a single click. However, users in need of additional templates also can easily acquire one at a cost.

  • Live Video Training: Another important feature you stand to benefit from this program is that you will be opportune to access live video training sessions to educate patrons about copywriting, affiliate marketing, and search engine optimization.

  • Pros

  • Regular updates: SAS affiliate program updates are rolled out regularly. New materials, templates, and tools are added periodically to keep the program up to date. Also, this way, your website won't be experiencing a decline in ranking and also in the generation of more traffic.

  • Access to pre-built program templates and high converting products: Pre-built templates help the website in question to rank quickly on Google. All these are what a trainee will have access to after buying the product. You will be taught during the training sessions on how to maximize the usage of all the templates and products that come with the subscription for the program. And in no time, your website will be enjoying its stay on Google's first search engine result page.

  • Website Design: it teaches users how to build an SEO website from scratch, power-up links, and get your site to rank well on Google. 

  • Cut down unnecessary spending: With the SAS affiliate program being an ultimate solution for newbies, expenses that are supposed to be channeled into ads, plugins, and other necessary tools to attract more traffic to the site have been cut short.

  • Utilizes GroovePages for Marketing needs: This product enables you to market whatever product you sell without the need for you to deal with your potential clients directly. This has been taken care of by GroovePages, being a very effective marketing tool.

  • Cons

  • Training Periods: Amidst the several amazing benefits that this program stands to offer, if there is any aspect I find to be a bit challenging for me, it will be that the live training sessions, oftentimes, clashes with my very important schedules. Consequently, I had to rely on watching the replays as well as ask my questions on their Facebook page. Of which one has to wait for several hours, sometimes days, to get a response.

  • Personal Training Cost: Of course, this isn't a very big deal, for a product that will surely produce results and earn you more money. However, the $1000 charged for personal training might be very uncomfortable for newbies who are just starting.

  • Final Verdict

    Chances are you are more probable to encounter several other affiliate programs over the internet on training and marketing. Nevertheless, there is a need for you to be on the lookout for one with less complicated functionalities. It wouldn't be advisable for you to be moving from one costly program to the other just because they are recommended by the trainers with an assurance of the product's efficiency.

    The SAS affiliate program is the ultimate true product for all your marketing needs. The developers of this program have dedicated their time and experience to provide web developers and online businesses with effective tools that can help carry out a successful marketing campaign. As a result, after trying this product out, you will get value for your money, and everybody wins. The SAS affiliate program is no doubt all you need for your affiliate campaigns.

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    ✅ Ready-made templates to use for your webiste which makes building your site easy and fast.  No need for cPanel or Wordpress or even any plug-ins.

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    Here Are The Most Commonly Asked Questions About SAS Affiliate...

    • Q. Who are Barry Plaskow and Jason Calouri?

     - They are both long time internet marketers who have been involved with all phases of online marketing.  They got together to make a system that encompasses all phases of internet marketing.  Affiliate, local, or whatever you want.  But there will be email support, web design, SEO, and a host of other programs to make internet marketing easier, and more profitable.

    • Q.Is this legitimate?

     - There are a lot of scammers out there, and you will find SAS Affiliate and Groove Funnels does not fall in that category.  When you sit through the webinars, you feel like you are sitting with a couple of friends.  Neither one of them flaunts any money or cars or makes wild promises.  They want you to succeed, and you can even try for free for a while.  Where else can you get this kind of training for free, and be able to build a website extremely quickly?

    • Q. I have tried other programs before, and I have spent money for the programs, then additional money for advertising.  What is the difference with this program?

    There is no guarantee of success with any program, but this one lets you get in for minimal investment and you use SEO to get traffic instead of paying for ads from different sources. provides links to an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees and affiliate commissions.