About Me

Hi, My Name Is Rob Balch And I Built This GroovePages Website Because I Wanted to See How Easy it Was.

Who am I?

I am a native Southern Californian and lived their most of my life until I reitired and moved to Costa Rica. I still love California and go and visit my family there. But I love living in Costa Rica. It is a slower pace of life, clean air, low stress level and just a plane ride from the states.

I was an average student through high school and went to San Diego State University after high school.  It was there that I discovered partying and did not do well in school, so they asked me to leave after a year.  Needless to say, my parents were not happy.  So I entered the next phase of my life.

U.S. Army

After I left S.D.S.U., I had a job in a department store and was laid off.  So, myself, along with a couple other friends decided we would go into the Army on the buddy system.  We all went to basic training at Fort Ord, CA, then we went to Fort Devens, Mass.  That is where we stopped being together.  One of us went to Thailand, one to Germany, and I went to Vietnam, where I was stationed for a year.  

After I left Vietnam, I spent two years on the northernmost island in Japan, named Hokkaido.  Beautiful country, but cold.  I used the winters with my time off on the ski slopes and made the best of the cold weather, but I decided I did not ever want to live in a climate like that.  

Back to School

When I got out of the Army, I decided to go back to school and get my B.S. degree, and while in the Army, I decided I would study to be an attorney. So, basically, business courses in undergraduate work, then go to law school. I did not repeat the experience from my first year at S.D.S.U., and got fairly decent grades, but due to my previous grades, I got conditional acceptance to a community college.  

Once I had 60 units, I took a test to get into a law school that would accept you with only 60 undergraduate units, then I went to Law School in San Diego. I had to pass a 1st year "bar exam" to go to year 2, and I made it. But it was becoming apparent to me that I was hating every minute of it and I decided after two years to go back to a four year university and get my B.S. in Business Administration with minors in Poli. Sci. and Economics.

Work Life

After graduation from the University, my first job was with Sony Corporation.  Although it did not pay well, the experience I gained from their training was invaluable.  I worked four years for them before moving up to the greater L.A. area and working in a couple different jobs before finally landing a position with Rockwell International.  

With Rockwell, I moved up in position and had much better benefits than I had had at my other jobs.  I worked in different progtrams such as Space Shuttle Main Engine, National Aerospace Plane, Advanced Launch Systems, Airborne Laser, and some classified programs.  I finally kind of retired from there and took a position at Northrop Grumann with an increase in salary.  

Retirement and Affiliate Marketing

After leaving Northrop Grumann, I sold my house and moved to Costa Rica, where I had been going a few times and bought some property and built a house.  Since then, I have gotten a divorce and am with a woman who owns a Bed and Breakfast, Restaurant, and Art Gallery.  I help her with the day to day operations of the businesses.  However, it was not keeping me busy.

I also was in a number of bands as a drummer since I used to play drums when I was younger.  It is fun, but was sporatic.  I needed more.  I bought into a franchise for teaching English.  Here in Costa Rica, the native language is Spanish, but the better jobs for the Costa Ricans go to those who can speak English.  So, I thought buying a franchise would be a good idea and I could make some money as an affiliate along with helping people.  

I had no experience in web building, so I was pretty much starting from scratch.  I did not make much money with this franchise and we all found out later it was a scam.  It was an expensive lesson, but one that I tried to build on.  I started trying other affiliate programs.  Some were expensive, but not nearly as expensive as that franchise.  I have been learning more and more, and I used a program that would walk you through building a website in Wordpress.  Very slow, but methodical.  

Then I recently found SAS Affiliate with Groovepages.  This took the pressure off of loading information into Wordpress and making sure everything is done correctly.  Groovepages came with templates that can be used with a variety of affiliate and local programs.  They also seem to have others involved, and some of whom I have programs with, so it works great.  

I am just starting out, but am loving, not only the program, but also the support you get from the main people.  I hope this gives an idea of what I am all about. 

✅ I started taking drum lessons from my father when I was 5 years old.

✅ I played in a Symphony Orchestra from 7th grade until I graduated from High School

✅ I played in a Rock and Roll group in High School and again in Vietnam.

✅ I have had 5-6 different Rock and Roll bands since I have been in Costa Rica.

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